The Power of Companionship

Your destiny is directly determined by the decisions you make about the people you choose or allow to be joined to your life. God has great plans for your life that can be propelled or polluted based on the people you connect with. Everyone that wants to be in your life is not supposed to be in your life. The only people that need to be in your life are the people who bring wisdom to your walk with God. God wants to connect you to the right companionships.

“He that walketh with wise men shall be wise; but a companion of fools shall be destroyed” (Proverbs 13:20). Companionship is powerful. It will shape your psychology. Your thought process and mental potential is being developed in your relationships. Think of what I just said. When the people around us are operating according to God’s principles and precepts for life we are exposing our minds to positive patterns. The better our company and companionship the better our thoughts and intents.

Whom do you allow to walk with you? Whom have you chosen to walk with? How has your journey been lately with the people you have in your life? Are you seeing the wealth of wisdom as you are walking?  What signs are showing up in your life that indicate you are walking with the right person or right people? These are some of the questions of companionship.

“The companion of fools shall be destroyed”. Destroyed?  But what if I am anointed? What if I am greatly destined?  What if I have prepared myself for promotion and advancement? Destroyed! If you choose the wrong companions everything you have working for you is going to be destroyed.

The people you allow in association are the people you are allowing the privilege of assimilation. Companionship is more than just “rubbing shoulders”, it is transferring spirits and attitudes. Companionship is an unspoken commitment to be alike. Can your purpose and destiny really afford to hang out with the people you have been hanging out with?

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