Uncovering Cult Leaders

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Jude verse eight (8) teaches no less than four characteristics of end-time cult leaders. Understanding the function and motivation of cult leaders is essential in order to “contend for the faith” (Jude 3). The Body of Christ must be awakened to and alarmed by the false teachers and false doctrines that are in too many modern pulpits.

According to the Epistle of Jude you will find the four (4) following character traits in cult leaders:

1) “Filthy dreamers” – The actual phrase in its original Greet text means, “defiled daydreamers”. It gives the picture of a person who lives in a distorted fictional fantasy.  Cult leaders conceive ideas, imaginations and interpretations that have no basis in truth or reality. They believe that their dreams and visions are equal to or above the Bible.  How many cults have started because one man or woman claimed some dream, prophecy or vision as a divine call of God?  They all have!

2) “Defile flesh” – This phrase refers to sexual deviance.  Sexual immorality will be practiced, permitted and promoted by cult leaders. Spiritual incest is routinely committed with “spiritual sons and daughters”. Sexual immorality is used as a means of soul control. Sexual relations among the leaders and followers creates ungodly soul ties (See I Corinthians 6:16).  All ancient pagan religions used “temple prostitutes” in their worship of false gods. How many cults that have been exposed had leaders involved in some form of sexual perversion?  They all have!

3) “Despise dominion” – This speaks to the rejection and refusal to acknowledge any authority but their own. They are a law unto themselves. They disregard all established leadership and prescribed authority. They will not be covered, corrected, shepherded, or pastored. They believe that they are above natural laws, governmental laws and spiritual laws. How many cults have claimed to have been victimized or persecuted by the government or some other entity of authority?  They all have!

4) “Speak evil of dignities” – These “dignities” are people with heavenly (kingdom) authority. This would refer specifically to spiritual leaders. Cult leaders are always on the attack against true men and women of God.  They slander people who are known for honor, respectability and excellence. They have nothing good to say about good people.  They use defamation of character and lies to destroy the influence of righteous people. How many cult leaders have been against Bible-teaching preachers and Spirit-filled leaders?  They all have!

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