The Cure For Contention

“Only by pride comes contention: but with the well advised is wisdom” (Proverbs 13:10). This is a note to all the good, born again, Spirit-filled, ministry leaders and church members who seem to have so many problems working and worshipping with other believers. Let’s get to the root of the problem and the root of the solution.

The problem is pride. You will never have a strained fellowship or relationship between saints, unless one or both of them has a pride problem. Think of what the Bible says, “Only by pride…”.

Pride won’t let you submit. Pride won’t let you cooperate. Pride won’t let you admit you were wrong. Pride won’t let you be in second place. Pride won’t let you know more and speak less. Pride won’t let you esteem others. Pride won’t let you forgive. Pride won’t let you change.

Contention comes from competition. We want to win! We work to be affirmed, promoted, and better positioned and resent anyone who seems to deny us of what we have worked for. Contention is rooted in discontentment. We are mad at somebody because we are unhappy with our lot in life.

Contention doesn’t just happen; the Bible says it “cometh”. It comes from missed opportunities to apologize or appreciate. It comes from the willingness to ignore the angst in the atmosphere. It comes when we choose to suffer frustrations instead of suffering conversations. It comes from failing to see the greater good and God’s glory.

You don’t have to let it come. Stop the contention by dealing with the pride. How should you deal with pride? Immediately submit yourself to someone who can speak wisdom into your life. “But with well advised is wisdom.” When there are contentions with you and another brother or sister administer wisdom.

Wisdom is humility. Humility is love. Love is God. Humility is the key to every victory. Jesus won over death, hell and the grave because he humbled himself. Show love and humility and see what the Lord will do.

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