Wisdom For Workers

In this economy we need more than more money; we need more wisdom. Wisdom is the principal asset of true wealth. The journey to your next job should be lead by wisdom. Wisdom can put you in the best job. Your employment should fit your season and build your skill.

The following is based on biblical principles as presented in the Book of Proverbs Chapter 13:

1) Be teachable and open to correction from experienced people.

2) Keep your conversations positive.

3) Learn the power of silence.

4) Be an excellent and extraordinary employee.

5) Be committed to living and telling the truth.

6) Do the right thing when nobody’s looking.

7) Enable and empower others to achieve.

8) Build value into your life.

9) Be loyal to God and enjoy your life.

10) Don’t get into arguments with co-workers.

11) Use your work as a way to build your wealth.

12) Expect good things to happen for you.

13) Live according to the highest standards.

14) Find a wise mentor and learn all you can.

15) Study and serve your employer.

16) Be a life learner.

17) Build a reputation of honesty and consistency.

18) Never ignore good information.

19) Have a righteous ambition and a godly passion.

20) Choose your friends wisely.

21) Do good and trust God for a reward.

22) Pay yourself and save for the future.

23) Discover your own potential.

24) Give your family love and attention.

25) Expect to have all your needs met.

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