God is Wealthy!


The wealth of God is another aspect of our theology that goes unnoticed or little understood. God’s wealth however is one of His power attributes.  It is just as an important attribute as omnipotence. How could God claim to have all power and did not possess all wealth?  God’s will would  be handicapped if He was not wealthy.

God wants you to know about His wealth. The word of God continually confirms the wealth of God. The wealth of God is an assurance to every believer that there will never be a need in your life that God does not have the power to handle. Your need is no match for the wealth of God.

Study the following scriptures and discover the wealth of God:

Genesis 1:1 – The first verse in all the Bible reveals the wealth of God. “God created” means that God has the power to supply Himself with anything material, spatial or eternal. The power to create is the power to resist any need.

Genesis 14:17-23 – Melchizedek confirms the wealth of God.  God is described as “Possessor of  all heaven and earth”. The covenant relationship we have with God reveals God as the “Possessor”. If God is the “Possessor” He retains power to repossess. No devil or man can claim original ownership of anything. God is still in control of what He creates.

Deuteronomy 10:14 – Moses confirms the ultimate ownership of God over all things. God is said to own “all that  therein” (Psalm 24:1). “All that therein” would include every atom, every molecule and every infinitesimal cell.

I Chronicles 29:10-14 –  David confirms the wealth of God. God is worshipped for His “greatness”, “power”, “glory”, “victory”, “majesty”. These are attributes associated to His wealth. “All things come of Thee” is a worship that acknowledges the wealth of God.

Psalm 50:10-12 – Asaph confirms the wealth of God. We can never add to the riches of God. God’s wealth is not enhanced by tithes or offerings. God owns the source of all tithes and offerings.

Haggai 2:7-9 – Haggai confirms the wealth of God. “Silver” and “gold” are trading commodities. The basis of currency is in these two metals. Silver and gold have material value. God has investments in silver and gold.  They belong to Him and we are expected to use what we have been given to establish God’s will.

Matthew 6:33 – Jesus confirms the wealth of God. God can add to your life, “all these things”. In order to add all these things He must own “all these things”. There is not a thing existing or non-existent that God can’t get to you.  If it doesn’t exist He can create it just for you and then add it to your life.  WOW!

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