The 6:33 Fast

The Lord’s blessings and  my great appreciation upon you for standing with us today as we prepare to conclude the solemn assembly and special fast of today.  It has been an incredible day for me spiritually. I pray you can say the same.

Today we began to conduct another Bible study and worship service for the women inmates at Silverdale Correctional Facility in Hamilton County, Tennessee. We are now hosting a 9:00am – 10:30am and a 10:45am – 12pm (Noon) service. We are now able to reach and preach to as many women as wish to attend our services in the prison.  Today nine (9) women gave their lives to Jesus!  Glory to God!

I have been meditating in the Word (Isaiah 58 and 61). My  fasting target was to bring myself  to a place of repentance and contrition before God for all the things I have left undone  and uncovered. It was also to be refilled with the passion of His purpose and  be renewed to His call for servant leaders. There is nothing more important to me than to be the man God wants, where He wants, doing what He wants. I can negotiate everything in my life and family but the good, acceptable and perfect will of God.

We are preparing to launch The National Prayer Gathering!  This event is a kingdom assignment for all my prayer partners.  I want you to be with me for a few days of intense impartation and anointed atmosphere, October 20-23rd. Send me your prayer requests and praise reports at

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