Getting the Support You Need

We all need support. Support is God’s idea. When God made man He called for support, “Let us make man…” (Genesis 1:26). For Adam, God’s greatest gift was the support of a wife. The human life was structured for support. Superman has Lois Lane. Batman has Robin, Green Hornet has Kato, Lone Ranger has Tonto and  Yogi Bear has Boo- Boo. We all need some support.

Support can determine our expectations, possessions or limitations. What we dream, what we will have and what we can accomplish is often set by our support or lack of it. Support is what enables each of us to achieve more than our own efforts will allow or avail us.  Support comes to take us further. Support is essential to executing anything extraordinarily excellent.

How many of us, how many times, have felt as if we didn’t have what, or even worse, whom we needed to accomplish and achieve an ambition? What do you have to do to stay hopeful when you have no apparent support?  Where do you go to get the support you need to do what you are called to do?

Jesus says, “Ask and it shall be given you, seek and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you” (Matthew 7:7). This is the secret to getting the support you need.  Prayer is the strategy for your support.  When we need resources and results we must engage prayer. Prayer supplies us with the support we need for what we must accomplish.

Three very practical things you can began employing today that will  get you the support you need.

1) Inquire – “Ask”. If you need help, and you do, – ask for it. Don’t let any thing get in the way of asking; not pride, not prejudice, not people, and not previous plans. Be open to discovering the wonderful people and things you will need to fulfill the design of the Father.

2) Desire – “Seek”. Most of us don’t want much or what we want is not so much. Your desires should be God-sized!  You can develop your desires with new mental pictures. Begin with reading the Word of God daily. You will start developing a picture of how God wants you to live. Y0u will then begin to have the desires of the Father. Now what you want is what God wants for you!

3) Acquire – “Knock”. Things must be opened to you before you can access them. Prayer empowers you to acquire what you inquire and desire. Prayer is not an empty exercise. Prayer is not just spiritual therapy. Prayer is getting the support you need to get things done.

Go back to asking God for who you need and what you need. Get back to wanting big things that only God can help you get done. Get back what you let get away by disappointments and distractions.

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