The Suffering Servant

Isaiah 53 is the song of the Suffering Servant. The Suffering Servant is Jesus the Christ. Isaiah prophesies of the Crucified Christ. Isaiah is in so many ways the prophet of the Christ. No other prophets are given more, or more clear revelations of the Christ that was to come to die on Calvary.

There are over 400 Old Testament prophesies that speak of some aspect of the life  and death of Jesus.  Jesus fulfills them all.  Isaiah 53 is so vividly fulfilled only the foolish could deny the power of this prophecy. Isaiah 53 was fulfilled in the passion of Christ. Only a God could direct  the life and death of Jesus as to fulfill this entire word from Isaiah line by line though uttered 700 years before Jesus was born.

Here is what Jesus has done for us through the afflictions of the  crucifixion:

1) Jesus has “borne our griefs” (vs, 4).

2) Jesus has “carried our sorrows” (vs. 4).

3) Jesus was “wounded for our transgressions” (vs. 5).

4) Jesus was “bruised for our  iniquities” (vs. 5).

5) Jesus has “taken our punishments for our well-being” (vs. 5).

6) Jesus has healed us “by his stripes” (vs. 5).

7) Jesus has taken “the iniquity of us all” (vs. 6).

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