Learning the Difference

Proverbs chapter 13

Proverbs chapter thirteen profoundly discerns the laws of life.  One of the keys to wisdom is the art of knowing the difference. When you can tell the difference between what is useful and what is useless, you are becoming wise. This is commentary/paraphrase by Bishop Sean Teal.

Verse 1 – A wise child receives correction, a child that talks backs is refusing to be corrected.

Verse 2 – You will live by your words. Your life follows your mouth.

Verse 3– People who guard their words guard their lives.

Verse 4 – Lazy people aren’t willing to work for what they want. Hard working people will increase.

Verse 5 – Righteous people hate gossip. Wicked people enjoy hearing garbage.

Verse 6 – A righteous life is protected by God. Sin destroys the sinner.

Verse 7 – People pretend to be rich and they are over their heads in debt. Other people seem to live simply, with less luxuries, but have great wealth.

Verse 8 – The rich are accustomed to financial planning and wealth protection. The poor are less likely to receive financial correction and an economic education.

Verse 9 – The lives of righteous people shine and make a difference. The wicked grow darker and die.

Verse 10 – When people are in strife and arguments one or both persons are in pride. Wisdom is humble, it settles matters and heals relationships.

Verse 11 – Money gained dishonestly doesn’t last long. People who work hard will continue to increase.

Verse 12 – A dream deferred can be disappointing, but when the dream is fulfilled it creates a new life for you and others connected to you.

Verse 13 – If you ignore the word of God you will suffer for it. If you obey the word of God you will be blessed by it.

Verse 14 – Wise people can positively affect and help redirect the destiny of  lost people.

Verse 15 – Strategic thinking will gain you favor. Doing things out of order creates more difficulties.

Verse 16 – People with wisdom have uncommon sense for common problems. Unwise people will always find ways to display their lack of wisdom.

Verse 17 – People who are irresponsible with their words put themselves in bad situations. A person who knows how to talk to others can help heal wounded souls and situations.

Verse 18 – People who refuse to be educated will be reduced to shame and poverty. Learners are earners.

Verse 19 – Pursuing and achieving noble goals is the best part of life.  The unwise can never find a good reason to change their behavior.

Verse 20 – Show me your friends, I’ll show you your future. Who you hang out with will determine what you get hung up on.

Verse 21 – If there is “bad luck” it belongs to the sinner. The righteous are being rewarded with the abundant life.

Verse 22 – Good leaders set out to leave a legacy and prosperity for the next generation to build upon. The wealth that sinners are holding illegally will be transferred to the righteous.

Verse 23 – There are economic opportunities for the poor, but because of injustice and lack of  education they don’t fulfill their potential.

Verse 24 – A parent that does not discipline does not love their child. Children need to be corrected early and often.

Verse 25 – The righteous know how to live within their means and enjoy their lives. The wicked are always frustrated and never have enough.

One thought on “Learning the Difference

  1. I received this email while in Bible study and it was inclusive of or study and I grateful to notice the movement of the spirit it is God confirmation which is so reassuring thank you Lord

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