The Promises and Prayer

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If God told you to tell Him what to do, what would you tell Him to do?

Can you even imagine God approaching you and offering you the opportunity to direct His eternal plans?  What would you do with the ability to move the heart and hand of God? What would you get God to do if you knew, for sure, He would do it?

By the authority of Holy Scripture, I can assure every born again child of God, you have been given the privilege to influence Father Almighty. Father God wants you to speak to Him and speak for Him exactly what He has been speaking to you. This is how you know, for sure, that the Father will do what you have spoken.

“Once God has spoken, Twice have I heard this: That power belongs to God and lovingkindness is thine..” (Psalm 62:11). God says something once and yet we can hear it twice. How can this be? We must become “echoes of the Eternal”. Whatever God says to us in a promise we should hear  it again in our own prayers. Confession of sins is not our only confession. The confession of our righteousness is just as important.

When the Father has spoken we must speak what He has said. When He speaks the Word what He speaks is settled in heaven (Psalm 119:89). When we speak the same word the Father has spoken that same word becomes settled on earth (Matthew 18:18).

This is how prayer is to function. Prayer is more than petition. Prayer is supplication and more. Prayer is requisition and more. Prayer is asking and more. Prayer is seeking and more. Prayer is knocking and more.

Prayer is proclaiming. Prayer is declaring. Prayer is commanding the promises of God.

“Ask of me things concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands command ye me” (Isaiah 45:11). This verse is a challenge given to every believer. There is petition and more. There is also proclamation. God calls upon His people to proclaim His works and and His will.

The Father introduces Himself as “the Lord, the Holy One of Israel and his Maker”. (vs.11a). We are given the assurance that God is more than enough to answer our prayers. He is “Lord”.  This means He is always and ultimately in charge. He is “Holy One of Israel”. This means the Father has the character to keep His word and bring about His purpose. He is “Maker”. This means the Father is the only true reason and only real cause. All we know and have came from the Father.

The Father has offered you an exclusive position in the kingdom. You can be involved with getting the will of the Father done in earth as it is in heaven. You must “ask concerning” in order to understand God’s will for any particular situation you are dealing with. Once the Lord has confirmed His will to you then command His will in your situation. The Word is how God confirms His will.  If it is God’s will you will find it in God’s word!


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