“The Word of the Lord”

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I received this word from a dear spiritual son, Pastor Blessan Cherian. He pastors a church in Northern India, not far from the Nepal border. He is currently in the United States conducting prayer cottages and preaching crusades. He is an anointed man of God and attuned to the voice of God. He called my phone twice in order to be sure to reach me to get me this word. This word is for all those connected to the Prayer Everywhere vision:

“The Lord says to cry over the condition of the world and your cities. There should be weeping for souls and cities. The Lord wants to hear His people cry out to Him. From between the porch and the altar the priests must weep.

The Lord says pray for the prayer leaders you will begin to set over regions, states and cities. You must move with focus and purpose for the growth is to come quickly.  You will have prayer leaders in cities across America. Every state is to have a prayer leader.

The Lord says to tell the people who are with you that the Prayer Everywhere vision is a high call. We must stay connected and committed to the vision that the Lord has given to His servant. You are a father of intercessors. The Lord will bless the vision and all those who support it. It will reach the nations.”

This is the word of the Lord spoken to me by His servant.  It bears in my spirit witness and confirmation.

“Amen. Let it be Lord, let it be!”

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