What I’ve Learned About Witchcraft

The Death of Jezebel (2Kings 9:22-33)

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The single most nefarious act that can be perpetrated against someone in spiritual authority is witchcraft. Witchcraft is originated by rebellion and manipulation. Witchcraft is the theft and illegal use of spiritual authority. It is an attempt to gain influence through dark and negative means. Witchcraft is a form of confusion designed to move God’s people away from God’s voice.

I started pastoring at 19 years old. Since the earliest days of my pastorates I have faced a plethora of oppositions. Some have been natural, born out of misunderstanding, others have been demonic, born out of witchcraft. When witchcraft is the enemy’s weapon of choice there will always be certain markers. You can know if you are facing and fighting warlocks and witches in a ministry.

What I have learned from the Word of God and my personal experience is that witchcraft will involve the following: (Please see Revelation 2:18-29)

1) Witchcraft tests and targets churches and pastors with rebellion. Some churches and pastors compromise with witchcraft and negotiate rebellion.  This what I call an “Ahab habitation”. This is a place where men fail to cover the house of God with spiritual headship. Spiritual leaders and Spirit-filled churches should have a “zero” tolerance for rebellion to the set authority. See Romans 16:17-20.

2) Witchcraft will usually come from a “Jezebel spirit”. A Jezebel spirit is an unclean spirit that seeks to work, primarily through feminine personality, to move the people of God away from the righteousness of God. This includes teaching false doctrines and leading those whom serve in ministry to dishonor God.

3) Witchcraft can be found among those whom claim a call to minister. The Jezebel called herself a “prophetess”. Her call is not confirmed or covered by any spiritual authority. This is usually the case with people in church who are into witchcraft. They will be  “renegades” and “rebels”. They will be self-proclaimed and self-promoted.

4) Witchcraft is a state of mind. The psychology of witchcraft is a stronghold. What the enemy does in the mind of  a person involved in witchcraft is frightening. Their minds are blinded. They begin to believe that they have the power to control people and the outcome of a church. The only answer to this is repentance. Witchcraft is broken by the power of repentance.

5) Witchcraft always seeks to bring others into the deception and defilement that it creates. The Jezebel of Revelation has “children”. These are the people who have the same nature as the one practicing and leading the witchcraft. They became “her children” because they participated in the rebellion and committed themselves to the acts of her witchcraft.

6) Witchcraft brings seasons of tribulation. During the time when witchcraft is being spread throughout a church or ministry there is a tribulation that begins. This tribulation is to reveal and expose. The tribulation is a time threshing and separating. The tribulation helps you discern the difference from the useful and the useless.  When churches are attacked by witchcraft it will be a time of discovery. You will find out who you really have among you.

7) Witchcraft is temporary. It is a tool of the enemy that will never be successful in undermining the kingdom of God. In the end the Jezebel was overcome. The church was given power and authority because of its victory over witchcraft.  This is what you can know about people involved in witchcraft, they are not praying or obeying the Word. This puts witchcraft at a total disadvantage. Our weapons are “mighty through God” (II Corinthians 10:3-5). We win!

“He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches (Revelation 2:29).

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