The Three End-Time Enemy Spirits

Rembrandt - Balaam

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Listen to me closely. You may have never heard this truth before. This truth is enough to make you want to reject it before you can receive it. It’s that “in your face” ! The strategy of God’s enemy is to destroy God’s end-time plan and people through the deceit of dishonor.

The enemy is betting that dishonor will be enough to keep God’s plans for His people from being realized. The enemy knows the power of dishonor. Lucifer dishonored Yahweh and through his dishonor was able to set up his own kingdom.  He used dishonor to divide and deceive the angels of first estate.

The enemy has used dishonor throughout history to keep the potential of people from being perverted or destroyed. It is a well-worn tactic in spiritual warfare. The enemy will tempt us to dishonor the Lord and those the Lord places over our lives. There will always be a reason or rationale for dishonor, yet there is no excuse for dishonor. It has no place in the Body!

The Apostle Jude’s commentary concerning those whom showed no honor to God or the kingdom of God is “Woe unto them” for they have gone in the way of Cain, and ran greedily after after the error of Balaam for reward, and perished in the gainsaying of Core” (vs. 11).  Hear me closely and I will end quickly; these three Old Testament personalities have one thing in common – they are all deceived by dishonor.

Cain dishonors the worship of God. His dishonor is seen in his offering, (what he gives to God in his worship). Cain figures he will give God what he wants to give God versus bringing to God what God commanded and required. The Cain way is an end-time spirit that works in the church.  It is an attitude that brings no respect or reverence to God in the worship. This spirit attacks the principles of tithing, giving and sowing. It lacks the desire to honor God. See Genesis 4.

Balaam dishonors the anointing of God. Balaam is willing to prostitute his prophetic gift. He is a prophet for profit. He is an oracle for hire.  Balaam is guided by his greed. Balaam wants to be rich and famous. This is a toxic ambition for anyone with a spiritual gift. Balaam’s error is an attitude that uses the anointing for personal gain. This is an end-time spirit in the church. It dishonors those called of God and the anointing of God by seeking to turn ministry into money, instead of money into ministry. See Numbers 22.

Co’re or Korah dishonors the government of God. Korah refuses to submit to the authority and ministry of Moses. Korah becomes the leader of an attempted coup. He convinces 250 of the most well-respected men in the congregation to revolt against Moses. Their charge comes down to, “Moses has too much power”. This is an end-time spirit in the church. It dishonors God by dishonoring God-ordained leadership and spiritual government.  The episode ends with Korah and crew swallowed up into the earth and buried in the wilderness. God honored Moses. See Numbers 16.

Dishonor is a tool of the enemy. It is used to destroy trust, create contempt  and divide covenant relationships. We must not be ignorant of the enemy’s devices. We must embrace the importance of honoring God and godly people.



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