“I Might, I May, I MUST!”


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Most people seem  to live without much of a mandate. They live with an “I might” or an “I may” hanging over their lives. They seem to be moved by conditions and not convictions. This is an unfortunate waste of power and potential. Those who are living with an “I must” are powerful and living out their potential. Those moved by mandates perfect their purpose and empower others to do the same.

Jesus lived with an “I must” . “I must work the works of him that sent me..” (John 9:4). He was committed to a conviction that mandated every decision he made and every direction he took. Jesus was not moved by the conditions around him. Jesus was moved by a divine “must” and a driven mandate. This is what makes his ministry so precise and powerful. Jesus was only going to do what he had to do.

Emotions and situations did not create agendas for Jesus. Jesus was kingdom-committed and kingdom-motivated. Everything he did he did on purpose. His imperative came from a knowledge of the Father and the Father’s will for His life. Nothing could be allowed to hinder or negate what the Father had planned for His life.  This was the imperative.

What is it that you just have to do with your life?  What do you have to carry out before you leave planet Earth? That is the question that will lead you to better discover why God has created you, designed you, and now has placed you where you are. There is something you must do before you die.  Finding out what you must do is what you must do.

We need an inner imperative. We live in a world where so many are so quick to hire someone to motivate them. An inner imperative seems no longer necessary. We want to just lease out our will power to other people. We want to make other people responsible for our motivation.

I recently read of a deceased Hollywood comedian icon who sought to kick a cocaine habit by hiring a body-guard to intercept any drugs he may attempt to buy from drug dealers. This lasted for a while. Not long after this Hollywood icon fired the body-guard, thinking he was ready to live sober, he was found dead in his million dollar bungalow having overdosed on a lethal combination of  heroin and cocaine. There is no humor found in his tragedy, but there is plenty of truth. No one without can sustain motivation within.

We need something, or better said, someone within us that motivates us. Those who don’t have the money to hire motivators may just wind up waiting. They wind up waiting on some perfect person or perfect situation. We need to be stirred to action. We have life coaches, motivational speakers and a host of self-help gurus offering their systems, techniques and strategies all designed to get you to feel the need to have to do something about something or anything. None of the externals have the power of an inner imperative.

The inner imperative is a “divine drive”. It is to be “in-Spirited”.  It is sustained inspiration that comes from sacred unction. It is motivation that only the Spirit of God and the purpose of God can maintain and multiply in your life. If you will to maximize your life then check the imperatives of your life. Make sure you inner is the winner!

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