“God Behind The Scenes”

The Triumph of Mordecai by Pieter Lastman, 1624.

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In the Book of Esther God is not mentioned. There is no other book in the Bible that can make that claim. God is not mentioned in the book because one of the commanding claims of the book is that God works behind the scenes. This is what I call the “left hand of God”. When the Bible speaks of the “right hand” of God it is referring to the obvious demonstration of His power (Exodus 15:6). The “left hand of God” is when you are not given a seat on the observation deck to see how God chooses to work. The Holy Spirit wrote the Book of Esther with His left hand. You may not see God’s hand at work, but just know that God still has His hand on your life.

So God sends characters out onto the stage to shape His story. The main characters include: King Ahasuerus (king of Persia), Vashti (first queen), Esther (new queen), Mordecai (Esther’s guardian), and Haman (enemy of the Jews). These are all spiritual types that point to greater spiritual truths.

Ahauseurus is a type of the world. He is moved by public opinion and popular actions. He lacks discipline and sobriety. He has no interest in spiritual things. He cuts covenants based on superficial qualities. His covenants and associations are flesh-based. He is dominated by the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life (I John 2:16-17).

Vashti is a type of  religion. She is married to the power of the world and powerless to affect it. She is in the palace with the king, but has no spiritual or moral influence over him. She is attractive, but ineffective. She has been reduced to being a source of entertainment for the king. This is the state of the spotted, wrinkled or blemished Church (Ephesians 5:27).

Esther is a type of the emerging Church of the Kingdom (Revelation 11:15). Esther has been sovereignly and strategically positioned and promoted by God. Esther is a work of grace, not self-promotion. Esther must confront the evil of her generation. She is blessed to be a blessing!  She is called upon to use her access and influence to introduce the will of God. She brings the kingdom of God into the kingdom of men.

Mordecai is the most important influence upon the life and destiny of Esther. Mordecai is pivotal to the purpose of  God in Esther’s life. Mordecai is assigned and anointed by God to help Esther discover the reason for her ascension to the throne. He brings a revelation of her higher call and purpose.

Mordecai is a type of intercessory ministry. He is a “gatekeeper”. His ministry is to establish the authority of God in every situation through prayer and fasting. Mordecai is a a “kingdom man”. He embodies Matthew 6:33. He understands and functions according to the order of the kingdom. Mordecai is called to come alongside Esther in order to position her for promotion into her purpose.

Mordecai perceives the times and seasons. Mordecai prays the will of God into the times and seasons. Mordecai provokes the Bride of the King to align with God’s times and seasons. Mordecai provides relief and deliverance for God’s people through intercession. God prospers Mordecai with promotion, power and prosperity (Esther 8:2).

Haman is a type of the spirit of the accuser (Revelation 12:10). His attack is against remnant ministry. He is committed to destroying “the people of Mordecai” (Esther 3:6). He attacks with accusations and condemnations (Esther 3:8-9). The mantle of intercessory ministry is what the enemy fears. He hates Mordecai because he cannot gain influence over him (Esther 3:5). The enemy will always seek to destroy what he cannot control.

To be continued…..

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