“God Will Not Waste His Wine!”

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Those words exploded in my spirit when I heard the herald of Pastor Oneal Young, Jr. of Living Waters Church, Vacaville, Ca., during the National Prayer Call. The Father has “new wine” that He is purposed and poised to pour into people who are open to something new in the Spirit. This “new wine” is the fulness of the Spirit. It is radical and powerful! The “new wine” is a new influence that the Holy Spirit wants to have in your life and mine. This new wine will only be poured into people who are willing to be changed and reshaped by the work of Holy Spirit.

There were three major religious schools of thought and practice in the days of Jesus-Pharisees, Sadducees and Essenes. The most disciplined and ascetic disciples in the days of Jesus would have been the Essenes. There were followers of the Pharisees and John the Baptist that were undoubtedly Essenes. These were men whom fully consecrated their lives to prayers, fasting and the study of prophetic scriptures. They lived in solitude. They were considered the most radical and monastic of the three major religious movements.

In Mark 2:18-22 Jesus is approached by religious thinkers and leaders and confronted about the apparent lack of discipline in the followers of Jesus. They want to know why the disciples of Christ do not fast like the followers of the Pharisees and John the Baptist. Jesus explains the dispensation His disciples are under. They are with the “bridegroom” and this is not their time to fast. While they are with Jesus for this short time, they are called to enjoy His presence, not afflict themselves.

He goes on to say, “But the days will come when the bridegroom will be taken away from them, and then they will fast in those days”. Jesus assures all the religious sticklers that his disciples will fast. Their fasting will be in season with the purpose of God for their lives. They will fast to fulfill the ministry that comes from Calvary. After the Passion and Resurrection the “new wine” was ready.

In order for the new wine to be poured out we must be willing to repent of our religious rigidity, rethink church and restructure ministry. The move of the Holy Spirit that Jesus describes as “new wine” requires vessels that are soft, pliable, supple and ready to hold new wine. The “old wineskins” are the patterns and paradigms we have worked with for years, unwilling to change or transform. Old wineskins are brittle and unfit to hold wine. The only way to use an old wine skin is to renew it. You would have to soak it in water and then oil it. I feel a praise coming on!

The “new bottles” for the new wine had to be baptized and anointed. The new vessels that will carry God’s glory will have to be baptized in the Spirit and freshly anointed. Those that can truly claim an experience and encounter with the Holy Spirit are those the LORD can trust with the new wine. The new wine gives us incredible influence. The new wine gives us power with God and people. God will not pour this wine, this new kind of ministry, until the bottles have been renewed by His Spirit. Only holy wineskins can contain holy wine.

God will not waste His wine!

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