Pray For Prayer!

Prayer needs prayer!  Prayer is in revival. From Chattanooga, Tennessee to around the world we are experiencing an incredible resurgence of prayer in the lives and hearts of God’s people. From the first day of this year Prayer Everywhere has gathered saints on the National Prayer Call, on Facebook and in the sanctuary of Friendship Central to seek God for His order in our lives and in the Body of Christ. We are seeing a passion and unction for prayer that is unprecedented in our church and in our leadership.

It is the will of God to have a people and places in the earth that are consecrated and built for prayer. This is the teaching of Jesus in the temple. “Is it not written, My house shall be called of all nations the house of prayer? but ye have made it a den of thieves?” (Mark 11:17). Prayer is our highest purpose! God’s house, God’s people, are to be called a “house of prayer”. We are not being what we are called to be if we are not known for our prayer passion.

The temple, like many modern churches and religious organizations, had been twisted and contorted into big business. Bigger budgets, bigger buildings, bigger branding and bigger bonuses was the focus of the religious leaders. Ministry was corrupted by profits, personalities and power. Men with no passion for prayer were at the higher levels of leadership at the temple.

The temple served the interests of men, not God. This is the robbery! A “den of thieves” is a church or ministry that is disinterested in God’s purpose for the people. This robs God of the privilege to partner with His people through prayer. The kingdom only comes through prayer (Matthew 6:10). The kingdom of God is the purpose of God (Matthew 6:33).

The priority of united and anointed prayer will offend religious spirits. Jesus angered religion by his passion for prayer. The “zeal” of God’s house consumed him. Jesus was radically committed to the purpose of prayer. Prayer must be established in God’s house. Not once, but twice, as if to make sure it was established; at the beginning of his ministry and at its closing; he cleansed the temple. He cleansed the temple for prayer! What mattered to the Master was the primacy of prayer.

What are you willing to overthrow? Are you willing to make some church folk mad for righteousness’ sake?  Whom are you willing to disassociate from? What  radical actions will you take to correct the spiritual malpractice that happens each week in the modern church?  Can God use you to recover prayer in the church you attend?

Pray for prayer! There is a remnant of saints that have committed their lives to the intimacy and priority of prayer. This high call requires great cost! Pray that we stay focused and faithful to prayer!

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