“Are You Ready To Order?”

2011 is the year for you to determine to set some things in your life in order. The most important core value you will need to develop in 2011 is a respect and honor for order. Order is the ability to put people and things in their proper perspective. Order discerns between what is essential and what is preferential. Order requires making choices based on importance. It’s about setting priorities.

Order is a spiritual law. All the works of God are set in order. All of creation experiences perpetual increase and replenishment (see Genesis 1). Order is God’s strategy for increase.

The 21st century spiritual leader faces a mounting challenge as a generation is in the midst of manifesting an end-time spirit that Jude describes as, “despise dominion and speak evil of dignitaries” (verse 8). The culture cries out, more and more, for less government. Entire political parties and movements are offering up to the waiting masses political dogma and drama over “shrinking the size of government”. The idea that drives all of this is the idea that “government is bad”.

God doesn’t think government is bad. In fact, God ordains government. God requires every culture to honor government and respect those in charge of its administrations (see Romans 13). We are told by the Apostle Paul to intercede for our political and cultural leaders ( see I Timothy 2). The purpose of our prayers is “…that you might lead a quiet and peaceable life”. Order is the goal and role for government.

Government is not about laws, legislatures and leaders. The purpose of government is to provide order for the culture. I have been in countries that did not have much government; neither did they have 24 hour electricity, street signs, paved roads, health care systems, judicial systems or secure prisons. These governments are always on the verge or under threat of being toppled because of the weakness of the government’s ability to provide an orderly society that can achieve prosperity, If there is no order in a nation, its poverty will continue. The only thing that can break the stronghold of poverty is order.

Leaders who understand the importance of order are priceless. Organizers are not necessarily good leaders. Great leaders don’t have to be able well-organized. Great leaders have to have a sense of order. Great leaders have the ability to be given multiple emergencies or contingencies that all require his/her priority and can select which order they should be addressed or handled. This is not something you learn at Wharton School of Business. Order is more about values and vision than facts and figures.

The kingdom of God is the order of God. Wherever and whenever the kingdom of God is given priority, prosperity will be added. “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matthew 6:33). God gave us a supernatural strategy for financial prosperity. Order your life according to His will and all you need to fulfill His will in your life will be added.

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