12 Books You Should Read in 2011

Three things will change your life in the next year; the people you meet, the prayers you pray and the books you read.

Readers are leaders!  The following are a list of 12 books and authors that are helping me live my life as a leader:

1) With Christ in the School of Prayer  Andrew Murray

2) Jesus, CEO  Laura Beth Jones

3) Improving Your Serve  Charles Swindoll

4) The Effective Executive  Peter F. Drucker

5) How To Deal With Annoying People   Bob Phillips/Kimberly Alyn

6) The Magic of Thinking Big   David J. Schwartz

7) The Millionaire Next Door  Thomas Stanley/William Danko

8)  Getting A Job and Becoming Indispensable  Tony Zeiss

9) How To Treat a Staff Infection   Craig/Carolyn Williford

10) The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make   Hanz Finzel

11) The Five Star Church   Stan Toler/Alan Nelson

12) Who Moved My Cheese?   Spencer Johnson

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