Be Warned or Bewitched

“Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft…” (I Samuel 15:23).

The worst form of rebellion is passive. Passive rebellion is demonstrated by an attitude that is dismissive of spiritual authority. It ignores directions and instructions. This kind of rebellion does not openly confront spiritual authority. It is rebellion by stealth. It is rebellion through lethargy, absence and non-participation.

The goal of all rebellion is to offend the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit governs the Church. He alone assigns and anoints true spiritual leaders. Rebellion seeks to undermine the vision and direction of Spirit-filled leadership. People who conduct, and even coordinate, rebellion in the life of a church or ministry are “witches”.

Rebellion and witchcraft have the same nature. Witchcraft seeks to manipulate people through intimidation, seduction and deception. Rebellion seeks to manipulate vision by threatening leaders with the lack of support, tempting leaders to become immoral and treating leaders with disrespect and disregard.

Witches do not fly on brooms and cook in cauldrons. Witches sit in pews and serve in ministries. They use rebellion, not magic, to manipulate ministry. They are determined to have their own way. They will not be submitted to godly authority.

God’s remedy for rebellion is repentance. Repentance requires humility. Repentance acknowledges the government of God and submits to God-ordained leadership. Repentance requires aggressive obedience. Only obedience to the Divine and His delegated authority can break the curse of witchcraft.

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