Returning To Richmond

Map of San Francisco Bay bridges

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Strange things, like the undeniable smell of a triple cheese burger escaping from Johnnie’s Diner, wafting across the South side is one of those unforgettable Richmond aromas that brings my mind back to the city that helped shape the man and the ministry I am today. Richmond is never too far away from where I am. My urban experience came from the streets and sanctuaries of Richmond.

The South side neighborhood I grew up in was filled with some of the most raw street life and  some of the most ritual church life. The gangs and the gospel were on every block.

There we were growing up on 8th Street and Florida Avenue taking our fights to the streets and our faith to the sanctuaries. That is how it happened –  the Lord used the streets and the sanctuaries of Richmond to prepare me to reach the world. I thank God!

Returning to Richmond this time is unlike any other time I have ever returned to preach and conduct ministry. This time is different, first of all, because I am coming to minister specifically to the issues and interests of  urban men. Most of the problems women deal with could be handled by a godly man. Women are greatly encouraged to attend and be empowered to support the men in your life.

The goal of the ministry is “Bringing Our Men Back”. The absence of men is the sickness of the city. I have no greater wish than to come and call men in the Bay Area back to the Word and prayer.

Secondly, the dynamic of the moment is even more heightened because of the host church. Independent Community Church is one of the signature ministries and most trusted spiritual brands in the Bay Area. Pastor Raymond Landry and other partnering pastors are striking a new note in the city.

The power of God for men will be manifest in these meetings. I will be laying hands on the sick and ministering the gifts of the Spirit. We expect to experience “Church Supernatural”.

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