Prayer Everywhere is Here!

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We need the second coming of prayer! An uprising of intercessors, prayer warriors and watchmen is dawning. There are a people that God is calling and gathering for one high and holy purpose – prayer everywhere.

Prayer Everywhere is a vision, a mission and a strategy. The vision is to leave no place in the earth untouched by praying people. The mission is to inspire people to pray for others whenever and wherever the opportunity is presented. The strategy is to connect and network people of prayer all around the world for transformation in the Church and every culture.

God’s purposes can only be accomplished when people of prayer engage the Church and the culture with Spirit-filled praying. God has chosen to change the world through prayer. We are not to stand by and act as if we are waiting on God to make up His mind to do something supernatural and extraordinary in our generation. Our prayers release the will of God in the earth. Our prayers determine how much of God’s power we will see manifest in our days.

Prayer Everywhere is an opportunity for you to finally connect to the only power that can redefine your purpose and reshape your destiny. If you dare to be a leader in God’s end-time prayer army connect with us and we connect prayer with people who know how to pray.

3 thoughts on “Prayer Everywhere is Here!

  1. Sonya Shannon says:

    50 HOurs of Prayer Power:
    We are in the 13th hour of prayer and let me tell you I am glad that God never sleeps nor slumber, because Church Supernatural and those connected have got God on the move. He’s in the midst y’all. Things and people are being changed & delivered/souls being saved/ the sick being healed
    /marriages and relationships are being mended/prayers are awesome…..oh yeah, they are on the line from everywhere.

  2. Sonya Shannon says:

    Encore, Encore, Encore….Bishop we got to do this again. I’ve probably gotten about 4hours of sleep when you add it all up. Can’t hang up the phone.
    We got the devil mad….lol
    There have been people connected to the conference that haven’t been to church in a long while, but they got on and had a hard time getting off.

  3. Sherl Foster says:

    We are on to something Supernatural. God has forever searched for a people who will be comitted to prayer . An I have lived to witness such a great move. Wow! I am in awe of what God is about to do. We are shaping our environment and changing our generation all because we have surrendered to prayer.

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